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About us

Association of the Individual Entrepreneurs and Legal Entities "The Republican Association Asyl Bala"  is a voluntary association of the legal entities established in May 2015 in order to coordinate activities of charitable organizations working in the field of childhood protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The main goal of the Association is to assist charitable organizations in Kazakhstan in the implementation of childhood protection activities.

To achieve its main goal, the Association carries out its activities in the following areas:

  1. 1) study of the needs of the society of Kazakhstan in charity,
  2. 2) lobbying interests of the childhood in the state bodies,
  3. 3) search for sources of grants and philanthropists for financing projects of the Association members in the field of child protection,
  4. 4) conducting research and providing consulting support to the members of the Association to optimize their activities,
  5. 5) other activities corresponding to the statutory objectives and goals consistent with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

List of Asyl Bala Association members

Foundations, associations

Social networks


Public Fund "Asyl Bala"

Site: www.asylbala.org


Public Association "Society of Parents of Children with Disabilities" The World of Equal Opportunities"

Instagram: @ravmir_astana

Facebook: ОО «Мир равных возможностей»


Public Found "Sunny World"

Instagram: @Of_solnechnyi_mir

Сайт: www.sunworld.kz


Public association «Spina Bifida»

Instagram: @spinabifidakz


Public association "Orda" "Association of parents of children with autism in Astana”

Instagram: @orda_autism

Facebook: @astanaorda


Public association "Marcana"



Public association «Microtia and atresia»

Facebook: microtia.atresia.kz


Public Found «Social fund Olimpionic»



Public fund «Karabekov»

Инстаграмм: karabekovfoundation


Public Association "Different Children"

Facebook: Raznyedeti

Instagram: Raznye_deti

Сайт: www.raznyedeti.kz


Public fund «Номад Стар Nomad Star»

Instagram: Ensemble_nomad

Сайт: wwww.nomadkz.com

Structure of the association (download )


  • Children's holiday to the Children's Day

    Association "Asyl Ball" held a children's holiday on the Day of Child Protection with the support of Mega Silk Way and the Commissioner for Children's Rights in Kazakhstan Baliyeva Zagipa Yakhyanovna. Today for 640 children in the entertainment center clowns worked, the dancing collective "NOMAD" and actors of the vocal genre...


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  • Compassion

    Compassion is the completely unique and real basis of all free justice and all true humanity, and only because the deed expires from it, it has a moral value. © Arthur Schopenhauer A person who has at least a drop of compassion will always help someone who needs it. Everyone is engaged in charity because of their capabilities....


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  • Благотворительная помощь: как и с чего начинать?

    Сострадание есть вполне единственная и действительная основа всякой свободной справедливости и всякого истинного человеколюбия, и лишь потому, что деяние истекает из него, имеет оно нравственную ценность. © Артур Шопенгауэр


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  • Charity evening "Spina Bifida Fashion Show"

    On June 7, 2018, the Wyndham Garden Astana Hotel hosted the Spina Bifida Fashion Show charity evening in the framework of the Astana-City of Strong People's Spirit program dedicated to the celebration of the Children's Day and the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan.


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Our partners

Our projects

  • A project Pension "Asyl Bala"

    In July of 2016 in Astana was opened a pension for children with cancer and their parents who come from all the regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan and are on day care in the oncology department of the National Science Center for Maternity and Childhood. Within 3 years in the pension 381 children, 29 donors and 433 parents...


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  • A project «Саламатты болашақ»

    The goal of the project is to socialize and improve the quality of life of CwD, through the creation of the inclusive sports sections and the distribution of the model of sports sections on adaptive sports in the City of Astana.


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  • A project "Reproductive health of teenagers protection"

    Within the framework of the memorandum with the Education Department of the City of Astana, from 2016 for scholars of the 9th to 11th classes and students of the colleges of the City of Astana every month lectures on the themes: for girls "Healthy girl is a healthy nation", for boys "Your health and infections transmitted...


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  • Project "Intellectual marathon "Road to knowledge"

    The goal of the marathon is to ensure equal access for all the participants of the educational process to the best educational resources and technologies, to identify and support all gifted children with the special educational needs and to promote their creative self-realization.


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  • A project "Children are our future"

    The goal of the project is to promote the international exchange of experience with the latest achievements in the field of maxillofacial and plastic medicine.


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  • A project "Samsung School"

    In January of 2018, in conjunction with a company Samsung Electronics Central Eurasia, the Smart Class was opened within the framework of the Samsung School project for children from the children's oncology departments of the National Science Center for Maternity and Childhood .


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