The project is aimed at gaining independence skills of children with disabilities who, due to circumstances, are forced to study at home and do not know how to serve themselves.

The goal is the socialization of children, their integration into society through the development of the inherent potential of nature. At the expense of the preserved intelligence, such children are trained and adaptable in society, if someone creates conditions for them and for this.

Objectives of the project:

  1. organization of a three-day seminar with the participation of the Moscow specialists of the "Make a step" foundation, namely: of an ergotherapist and a physical therapist. Theme of the seminar was "Ergotherapy and Physical Therapy in the Practice of Supporting Children with Spina Bifida (a disease). Actual problems, ways of solution " (18th,19th,20th July of 2018),
  2. work with parents of children participating in the project: drafting of contracts, examination by a doctor-rehabilitologist (Term was August month of 2018),
  3. visit of two specialists to each child being a participant of the project for the purpose of the family routing. Periodicity of the visits of such children's homes was one or two visits in three months (if necessary and requested by the parents),
  4. visit of the project manager to a nearby school in order to get acquainted with the peculiarities of the school structure for removing obstacles (absence of a wheelchair ramp, elevator) and admission to school for training among healthy children. Also, the question of conducting a catheterization of the bladder every three hours by a school nurse (if necessary) will be considered,
  5. drawing up the child's parameters for choosing an active wheelchair. Work with the management of social protection department to receive from the state a qualitative wheelchair that enables the child to lead an active lifestyle (if necessary),
  6. examination by a rehab physician of the participants every three months to correct the routing program (if necessary),
  7. conducting a conference at the republican level with the involvement of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Protection to present the results of the project. Planning for further work in the regions.

Term of the project implementation is since 2018 to 2019.

Arranger for the project is the Public Association "Spina Bifida"