Location of the project was the City of Astana, the Almaty district, Village Promyshlennyi, State Institution "Secondary School no. 13".

Military-patriotic education by arrangement for the activity of the cadet class is one of the most effective methods of the positive social adaptation of children. The work of the cadet class is the best method of education and has great and real opportunities for the formation of the patriotic upbringing of the schoolchildren. A wide range of different means, forms and methods of teaching and upbringing in the structure of the children's and youth team enables to purposefully and efficiently arrange for the work.

The goal of the project is to improve the effectiveness of the educational process of the schoolchildren by developing a humanity in them, a high culture of behavior, understanding and the desire to preserve common to all mankind values.

The project involved 50 children from the socially vulnerable population of the village of Promyshlennyi.

Term of the project implementation was from 2016 to 2017.

The arranger for the project was the Public Fund "Zhan dosym".