The program "Ғұмыр үшін" is the improvement of the medical treatment and social and psychological rehabilitation of the cancer children and members of their families, corresponding to the world standards.

Within the framework of the program in 2016 the Department of the Pediatric Oncology of the National Research Center for Maternity and Childhood in the City of Astana has been equipped with perfusors and infusomats in the amount of 100 pieces as well as with the special medical equipment.

In 2018 the Department of the Oncology/Hematology of the Republican State Enterprise on the Right of Economic Use of the Scientific Center for Pediatrics and Surgery in the City of Almaty was equipped with the medical equipment (infusomat, syringe pump, patient monitor, acute dialysis system).

Perfusors provide an opportunity to strictly dose drugs by the number and multiplicity, as well as to control the rate of drugs intake. And thanks to infusomats the patients receive small, precisely calculated quantities of drugs that cannot be entered manually.

Term of the project implementation is from 2016 to the present.