The goal of the project is to socialize and improve the quality of life of CwD, through the creation of the inclusive sports sections and the distribution of the model of sports sections on adaptive sports in the City of Astana.

Within the framework of the project the inclusive adaptive sports sections have been organized and are functioning now, which are currently attended by 100 children. These are children diagnosed with cerebral palsy, with hearing and visual impairment, with Down syndrome, with an autistic spectrum disorder, with other pathologies in development.

Together with CwD healthy children also train. Equal conditions are created for the employment of adaptive kinds of sport.

Thus, the project helps from childhood instill a tolerant attitude towards people with disabilities, as during trainings children communicate on an equal footing, without fear and exclusion.

To date there are sections on adaptive karate, parataequando, swimming, choreography, bocce and golbol.

Term of the project implementation is from 2017 to 2018.

Arranger for the project is the Public Association "Society of Parents of CwD" "WORLD OF EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES".